Empower your CX team.
Never do manual work again.

Empower your CX team. Never do manual work again.

DigitalBrain automates your internal workflows. We take any multi-click process and make it one click.

Helping support agents at world-class companies get more done in less time

Workflow Automation

Simpler and Faster Workflows

Leave the repetitive stuff to us so you can do more of the work you do best.

Automate your workflows

If you are jumping between multiple different applications to do your work, DigitalBrain can help automate those processes.

Dramatically faster employee onboarding

DigitalBrain will help you get onboarded faster to do your job.

No need to bug engineering for support

Engineering teams are stretched thin, and nobody wants to be working on internal tools anyway. DigitalBrain needs close to zero engineering lift to stitch your tools and automate your workflows.

Compliance and Security

Tier 1 support agents have access to so much data and information that they don’t need to see, DigitalBrain only shows what’s required to respond to a customer.


Faster Average Handle Time


Hours Saved Per Agent Monthly


Reduced Onboarding Time